It’s in the curve of the talon

If you look at the profile of a stiletto shoe, the heel should have a pronounced inward curve under the shoe, so that the heel shaft is located quite far in from the back of the shoe. A curved heel ensures that the shaft is located in a position roughly below the ankle , but if the stiletto shaft is located behind the heel of the wearer’s foot, this is what creates an “ugly” distorted look. A straight heel has no curve or a very shallow curve causing the shaft to be located close to the back of the shoe. Due to the heels position under the wearer’s feet it hinders the walking action, which in turn impedes on the ability to look graceful and elegant. It is interesting to compare the very distinct differences in the gaits of woman where one walks in straight heels and the other walks in curved heels. Straight heels give an unnatural, almost effort filled walk where the wearer has to flop her feet down so that the heel and the sole land on the ground at the same time. This is due to the fact that the elongated heel extends down in an awkward position under the foot and is actually in the way of the natural motion of the walk. This is all corrected by a heel that curves in deeper under the shoe allowing for a more natural motion and easier landing of the feet under the walk. It is here where you get the typical heel to toe stride that allows for a very graceful glide and ensures that sexy clicking sound typical of stiletto heels. Besides the improved and easier gait, it is also less tiring and stressful on the lower back, knees, calves, and ankles as it promotes a more natural walking style. It also looks so much sexier and assertive in profile and presentation.

Note: Have you ever seen a straight heel straining to maintain its ninety-degree angle under the shoe on a slippery tile floor at a mall? This is another ugly characteristic of this type of heel. As the wearer slides along, the heel starts to bend backwards and outwards from under the shoe. This really does not radiate a very appealing sight and actually makes the wearer seem too heavy for the shoes.

See the difference for yourself:

Straight heel…


vs. curved heel


What is a true stiletto?

So what does a true stiletto look like? What design will capture the essence of this type of shoe, and include the all-important fundamental elements? To help point to possible answers for this question, think of the following bulleted phrases and what each one might entail.

It is important to ensure that a true stiletto design follows some crucial, yet simple standards:

  • Maintain a specific required design
  • Have an alluring and suggestive element
  • Retain femininity and elegance

What might these be? Any suggestions or comments?


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